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Youth United Council of India

Youth United Council of India's International Advisor, YUCI, as it is called in its abbreviated form, is a global non-profit youth-run organization focused on empowering and grooming young leaders internationally through deliberate collaborations, partnerships, and sharing of inspirational stories.

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YUCI Talks

YUCI Talks is an extension of the Youth United Council of India and a new video podcast that invites coveted interviewees from around the world who share their remarkable stories through candid conversations geared toward motivating young people to become goal-oriented, persevere, and stay resilient while navigating life’s challenges. We aim to cultivate generations of leaders.

YUCI Talks YouTube Channel

YUCI Talks' Season One Guests

The Youth United Council of India (YUCI) participated in the United Nations  Civil Society Townhall Meeting with Secretary-General H.E. Csaba Kőrösi.

At YUCI, our chief aim is to create a myriad of sustainable and transformative initiatives that will impact future generations. We strongly believe in empowering youth so that they will continue to share their voices, unique perspectives, intrepid innovation, and unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. Additionally, we support and partner with campaigns and organizations that are aligned with our mission, to create a climate where every living soul is afforded an equal opportunity to live a life where their human and civil rights are not being violated.

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