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Patrick Killian

Patrick J. Killian's artistic journey is an inspiring tale of combining his passion for art and boxing. From a young age, he exhibited a talent for drawing and a unique style that set him apart. His interest in boxing was ignited by watching his father and was further fueled by witnessing iconic matches like Julio Ceasar Chavez vs. Meldrick Taylor.

Starting boxing at 16, he found a love for the sport's training regimen and the drive to improve himself. Simultaneously, he pursued his passion for art by enrolling in an Art college, where he began focusing on portraying his boxing heroes on canvas. His dual dedication to both pursuits allowed him to create meaningful artwork that captured the intensity and determination of fighters.

His artistic progression was marked by milestones, such as selling his first painting at age 15, studying art locally and at Carmarthenshire College of Technology & Art, and having his work published as Greeting Cards for renowned galleries. He seamlessly intertwined his love for boxing and art by creating portraits of boxing legends, and he also produced commissioned works for various projects, including ITV sponsors and the World Tour Exhibition The Fighting Irishmen.

Killian's distinctive style, characterized by his use of a vibrant blue and a focus on shadows, has gained recognition and acclaim. His paintings document significant moments in athletes' careers but also contribute to charitable causes through events and auctions. His involvement with charity work and being an Amelia Mae Davies Children's Cancer Charity ambassador showcase his commitment to giving back to the community.

His work can be found in galleries around the world, including Steak of the Art Gallery in Cardiff, Art PoweRed in Greenwich, London, Apple Pie House Gallery in Gloucester Quays, Birmingham, and Cheltenham, Hall of Frames in Belper, Derbyshire, and Jeff Mitchum Galleries in La Jolla, California, and MGM Grand, Las Vegas.


His story is one of dedication, passion, and the fusion of two seemingly disparate worlds – art and boxing – into a harmonious and meaningful career.

You can learn more about Patrick J. Killian and explore his artwork by visiting his website at

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