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King of Kings Foundation: The Feurtado Brothers

Todd and Lance Feurtado are ex drug kingpins and ex gang members who decided to change their lives. In 2005, this decision compelled them to start the King of Kings Foundation and they have never looked back.

These purpose driven mavericks have one focus in mind and that is to enhance and educate the lives of the people God puts in front of them. They have never wavered from their mission. Simply put, which is NOT to glorify their past, but to

educate, motivate, uplift and inspire youth to reach their full potential.

They have conducted 100s of workshops, summits, and presentations in schools, churches, youth detention centers, prisons, recreation centers, and movie theaters. The Foundation’s objective is to equip youth with the tools needed to identify and avoid societal issues that hinder physical, economic, cultural and spiritual development.

Todd and Lance used their business savvy and launched two successful production companies: “Executive Star Productions” and “The Blessings of God Productions.” Executive Star Productions produced and released the “King of Kings” DVD; a

riveting docudrama which won the Bronze Telly Award, the D.U.E Award and was nominated for the 1st Annual Urban DVD Award. Sales from the DVD helped raise money for Hurricane Katina victims.

Even more stunning, the Feurtados vs. USA played a hand in the revision of the Supervised Release clause: whereby releasing an individual’s from custody back into their home State could possibly put the person in a dangerous situation.

The Feurtados are currently working on securing a book and film deal.

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