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Kiara Kaur


Whiz Kid


Youngest TEDx Speaker

World Book of Records, London

Youngest Non-Stop Book Reader

Youngest Keynote Speaker at World Expo 2020 Dubai

Youngest High-Profile Supporter of the ARDN Red Card Campaign

Kiara is a 7-year-old inspirational Author and three-time World Record Holder. 

In an era, where digital technology has become an integral part of every person's life and has left traditional book reading behind, Kiara in contrast has made herself inseparable from physical books. 

She started reading at the age of two. Since then, she has read more than 2000 books. She loves to read and believes that physical interactivity with books promotes deeper learning. 

Her reading habit soon flourished wide and led her to enter the World Book of Records, London reading 36 books nonstop for one hour and 45 mins at the tender age of 4 years.


Kiara is the youngest TEDx speaker in the world at the age of five.


She set a World Record yet another time for being the youngest keynote speaker at the World Expo 2020, Dubai titled "Small Changes, Big Difference” where she spoke on climate change at the Slovenia pavilion. 


Her speech at International Women's Week in Mexico pavilion focused on women’s empowerment.


Kiara was the inaugural and youngest guest to interview on YUCI Talks, a video podcast of the highly acclaimed global conglomerate Youth United Council of India.


She is set to release her first book "Diary of 5-year-old Chatterbox Who Set the World Records.” Apart from reading, she also loves swimming and traveling. 


Kiara says, “I would like to meet Michelle Obama because she speaks pretty well, and she speaks on women's empowerment just like me.”


Kiara strongly supports gender equality, education for young girls, and climate change; her desire is to first honour God, and she dreams of becoming a country leader so that she can help her country and the underprivileged.

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