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Sizzling with Substance, Powered by Purpose, and Unparalleled Inspiration are just a few of the attributes that best describe Angela Crockett, founder of--the now-defunct--Angela Crockett Enterprises an event planning and public relations firm. Crockett, a Philadelphia native is recognized by many as the “Quiet Storm” a moniker given to her by the University of Pennsylvania Professor, Dr. Walt Palmer. “Relentless conviction, hard work, and plenty of applied faith to my calling as a marketing professional have been the launching pad for my success in acquiring high-profile clientele,” says Crockett.

As a VIP Ambassador, Angela assists visionaries, thought leaders, and producers in putting their ideas into action. Her campaigns are designed to move the world forward by infusing her far-reaching vision and a solid strategy, which are the main pillars upon which her projects are built. She believes these elements incorporated result in a rare and special force. This combination has been the catalyst for her success and helped garner the favor necessary to gain experience and an unwavering reputation.

"The wise man must be wise before, not after, the event." ~ Epicharmus

When Crockett moved to New York City in 2010, her professional career elevated to the next level after crossing paths with numerous men and women of achievement. She contributes her prerequisite to success to high ambition, right thinking, perseverance, and courage in the face of obstructions that she believes has positioned her to work alongside some of the world's most influential personalities. It is no wonder Crockett has become a Teacher to many that derived from her own growing years.

Angela is single, blessed with two sons, three granddaughters, and three grandsons.

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Champion for the people, campaigns, and events
that move the world forward


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