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Angel Huertas

Angel Huertas lived it. When others were watching Al Pacino playing the part of Scarface on the silver screen, Angel lived the life. When others were just talking the talk he was walking the walk. He was Playboy Angel. He and his crew owned The Southside of Brooklyn. They ran the drugs. They ran the streets. Almost everyone from those streets are either dead or in jail. Angel tells of his story of what it was like to start with nothing and to build a drug empire only to see it crumble. He lived it. He saw it. He tells it. From the rise and fall to the grace of finding a better way.

RISE TO GRACE: A Genuine Street Story is the autobiography of Angel “Playboy” Huertas.  It is only when he dies – twice in one night – that he realizes what it means to make the right decisions and become a man.  RISE TO GRACE is instantly engaging.  Nail-biting.  An inspiring true narrative.  A can't-miss story!
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